Consultation with BFRP

As a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP), Anagha's main responsibility is to teach clients the effective use of Bach Flower Essences. With extensive education, diverse experiences, and thorough training, she brings valuable perspectives and unique techniques to support emotional healing beyond what can be found in books. Anagha's focus is on understanding clients' emotions and providing appropriate remedies to promote overall well-being.

Feel free to express yourself in the language you feel most comfortable with. Our consultation services are available in मराठी, हिन्दी, or English, ensuring there are no language barriers between us. 

Anagha Walimbe, a trained Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner adheres to the Bach Centre's Code of Practice, ensuring professional guidance throughout the session. Before your appointment, you'll need to fill in a short client information questionnaire, a Practitioner Declaration form, and agree to the Terms of Service through a simple Google form. 

Each consultation is private and confidential. During the consultation, Anagha will listen to your concerns and learn about your life to determine the best remedies for you. As your guide, she'll suggest remedies tailored to your needs, but the final decision on the remedies that go into your personal mix will be yours.

The first consultation usually takes an hour, and after that, you'll take the remedy mix over the following weeks. If needed, Anagha offers follow-up sessions to review and adjust the remedies as required. Take the first step towards self-discovery and healing with Anagha's personalized consultation, and experience the positive impact of Bach Flower remedies on your overall well-being.

Bach Consultation गोपनीयता राखणारे असून, ते Online पद्धतीने घेतले जाते. तुमच्या आयुष्यातील वेगवेगळ्या अडचणींना सामोरे जाताना वाटणाऱ्या भावनाना समजून, त्याप्रमाणे पुष्प औषधी समजण्याची संधी मिळते. अडचणी अनेक प्रकारच्या असू शकतात.. जसे आत्मविश्वासाचा अभाव,  मुलांच्या अभ्यास किंवा करियर विषयक समस्या, नोकरी व्यवसायातील ताण तणाव, निर्णय न घेता येणे, अवघड परिस्थितीला सामोरे जाताना वाटणारा हताशपणा, नातेसंबंधातील समस्या, फारसे गंभीर कारण नसताना देखील काहीच करू नये असे वाटत राहणे, नैराश्य, दुःख किंवा अपेक्षांची पूर्तता न होणे, भूतकाळ सोडण्यात असमर्थता, अती विचार, राग-द्वेष, सतत वाटणारे अपराधीपण,  अयोग्य सवयी किंवा व्यसन आणि अनेक प्रकारचे न्यूनगंड अथवा भिती.Bach Flower Remedies तुम्हाला कठीण भावनांमधून अलगद बाहेर काढण्यासाठी मदत करतात.  Personal consultation नंतर तुम्हाला आवश्यक बाख पुष्प-औषधी विषयी माहिती सांगितली जाते आणि नंतर तुमचे Personal Mix घरपोच पाठवले जाते. Personal Consultation घेताना clients ना नेहमीच non judgmental तसेच आश्वासक वाटत असल्यामुळे Clients कोणाजवळ न सांगता येण्यासारख्या समस्या देखील मोकळेपणाने बोलता येतात.

Online Consultation Fees  Personal Dual  Triad
First Time
45-60 minutes
one on one session
Separate session with
each member
Separate session with
each member
30-45 minutes
one on one session
Separate session with
each member
Separate session with
each member
Suitable forPersonal needs           Any 2 family membersAny 3 family members

  • You have the option to get a consultation package for two, three, four or more family members. Each consultation is private and confidential.
  • Follow-up session is for those who have previously consulted with Anagha Walimbe, BFRP. A follow-up consultation is available to review client's progress and determine if a repeat or new mix of remedies is needed.
  • Once the sessions are completed, the personal mix for each member will be shipped to a single address within India. Please note additional shipping charges will apply if family members are staying at different locations.
  • For individuals residing outside of India, consultation charges will remain unchanged. You have the option to handle the shipping of remedies yourself, or you can purchase the remedies from a local pharmacy. Typically, We ship remedies to our clients' contacts within India, and they carry them as they travel to the clients' respective countries.

Personal Consultation - 

First Personal Consultation costs only Rs.2,001/- and you'll have a one-on-one session with Anagha. It takes about 45 minutes to one hour. You'll also get a Personal Mix, a special 30ml Bach flower remedy combination created just for you to address your emotional needs.

Dual Consultation -

Nurture emotional well-being within your family, be it with your partner or any other family member, through our flexible Pair Consultation package. For only Rs.3,501/-, you'll receive two dedicated sessions with Anagha which are held separately. 

Each family member will receive a personalized 30ml Bach flower remedy mix to target their specific emotional challenges.

Pair Consultation

Family Triad Revival

If you want a deeper and more involved healing experience for your loved ones, our Family Consultation package with three sessions is the ideal option. It costs only Rs.4,500/-, and you'll get three personalized sessions with our Anagha. Each family member will receive a personalized 30ml Bach flower remedy mix, specially made to address their emotional needs.

Consultation for 3

Want to resolve issues within Joint Family?

Experience the perfect consultation package tailored for your entire family of four or more members.  The package cost is only Rs.5,500/-. For an even more inclusive experience, any additional member beyond four can join for just Rs.1,000 extra per member. 

Entire Family

Follow-up package cost is only Rs.4,500/- for a family of four and each additional member will cost just Rs.999/-

Client Testimony

Case of Depression & Anxiety

Case of Parenting a Special Child with Autism

Case of Depression due to Relationship issue

Case of Panic Attack and Anxiety

Case of a student lacking Confidence and low self Esteem

Hi Anagha, I would like to share my wonderful experience with you. I just completed 25 years in the organisation. Org has arranged a felicitation ceremony last week. It was surprise for me. All of a sudden I was told to share my experience in that function and without hesitation with full confidence, i could speak  in front of 30-40 people 😄. Thank you for consultation and the remedies given to me 😊😊. There are similar experiences also i have had in the past after taking remedies from you 😊😊.. Dhanyawad!!!
IT Professional
Hello mam, I feel much confident now. Previously I used to feel incapable and always had doubt whether I will be able to get good job or not. I have given interviews but I never get selected and so I was not very hopeful about my future. These remedies have really helped to calm the constant disputes in my mind and I am so grateful for you support and help. I recently got a job as well. My anxiety is pretty low as compared to previous times. I am still taking same combination regularly. They are great!

Thanks a lot again☺️.

PG pass out Student

Mi swata75 years ani maaze Mr 82 years old aahet . Gharat doghech . Mulana pankh phutale va te udoon gele .  Corona chya aadhi Aamhi doghe mast majet rahat hoto . Corona chya kaalat jansampark  tutala , mule  Ethe yenyachi paristiti navati . Mr . Kanani Eiku yet naahi hé geli 10 varshe chalu hote , parantu shop sarv band zaali asalyane , kanatil machine chi battery  1,1/2 varshe  milali naahi. Tyamule ekakipan janavoo lagale . Aani bolane zaalech tar raagavaraagavi jaast vhayala lagali mhanoon gapp basane .  shejari pajarinchya death.. Tyamule nako te vichar manaat yeoo laagale.  Anagha mazya contact madhye aali , 6,7 mahine remedies ghetlya aani maaze aayushya Punha udatya phulpakharaasaarakhe aanadi zaale . Now no worries . Ekadam mast ..

Senior Citizen

Hi Anagha, 
These medicines  helped me to gain confidence. Confidence  on all levels like family,  occupation, friends. I used to hesitate to bargain  things, though  I used to know  that opposite person  is charging high. I had in give up state  as I had tried different  avenues for continuiing my practice ( because of  frequent shifting my practice  used to get disturbed)..I had left  everything  to destiny.  But patients  were approaching and I used to deny due to lack of place. But  now I give them option of video calls to consult me and it has started slowly. I had fear due to some past bad experiences,  it has reduced,  but not gone completely. I still  feel in family I m doing sacrifice for my family,  I m only suffering. I used to use bitter words,  now I think twice before  saying.
I need to continue.
Homeopathic Doctor
Hello Anagha Mam, After taking personal  mix as discussed with you..I  observed  following  changes. My confidence  has increased. My fear of height has come down.  I could  do trek after that. I  tried  new things like joining  workout fitness circle and feeling  happy. But some bitter memories  still bother me like  regarding  my in laws and some  other people. It's  difficult to  forget  and because of  which I  still  can't  believe  anyone. Otherwise  anxiety  has reduced  much. My communication  with son has become  more healthy. Thanks for your guidance.

Spouse in Family Consultation

Hello  Anagha mam, My husband  was facing problem  to say No. He couldn't make arguements  even if  he was right. It used to create workpressure. He used to take responsibility of  project  and used to complete , his colleague  used to  take him granted and pass their work to him. After 15-20 days of starting  bach flower remedies,  could  deny other people's work and once he complained about  his junior for not being  sincere. 

Spouse in Family Consultation 
Started using bach flowers medicine from third week of February. Parallel reduced smoking by 1/3. Somehow it worked till end February. Then went for a tour for 4 days and everything went haywire. Till 26th March with partial medicine and no control over smoking.suddenly on 26 th felt like quitting and since then taking 2 cigarettes a day till 8 th and then onward one per day. Off course with medicine.....  many thanks. Tech Engineer

Some few months back I had a problem of anxiety. I never wanted to go for allopathy medicines. So my friend suggested me the name of Anagha who is a flower Bach remedies expert. So I contacted her. We had an regular session of one hour with prior appointment. She nicely understood my problem. She suggested me some personal mix medicines. I took them regularly and within a month I came back to my normal life. I would certainly recommend this therapy to all. Also special thanks to Anagha who understood me so well and handled the problem so nicely.
Home Maker

आता कसलेच विचार त्रास देत नाहीत. खूप बरी आहे. आधी सारखे रडू येणे कमी झाले आहे पण अजून देखील कुणाचे वाईट झाले तरी मी अस्वस्थ होते. पण आधी दोन दोन दिवस मला काही करावे वाटायचे नाही आता थोड्या वेळात गोष्टी सोडून देते.  
Home Maker

I have started to let go of the things which used to eat me inside, overthinking is less now. Feel positive in between. My anger has reduced a lot and feels calmer. 
MNC Professional

Good morning Anagha,      First of all,  gratitude to the Universe from getting me know you and the flower remedies.  About your family personal consultation I thank you for listening to my concerns with patience and suggesting the remedy. We all have started taking the remedies and surely the energy has improved.  One specific feedback about my husband is that he has noticed a considerable difference in his habit of procrastination.  He feels like finishing the tasks in hand immediately and not postpone them😊  Its been almost a week now and we already can feel the difference. Thank you once again!  Ex IT Professional

Hello Anagha, I have taken remedies for a lady with Alzimer type disease. Due to her financial conditions you helped her and even refused to accept fees which I was offering on her behalf.

 In 2 months she is much better. Tila thode aathavayala lagale aahe. Aadhi blank basun rahayche, chid chid karaychi pn te khoop kami zala, she has recovered

Retired Officer

Please check blog about this client - विस्मरण 
I was unable to sleep due to constant anxiety and thoughts about challenges in professional life. Even with the support of sleep medication, I could not experience sound sleep. That time, overthinking and concentration issues hampered my personal and professional life. I was not able to complete my work, I was missing my deadlines. In our discussion, I could figure out that actual root cause was I not able to decide from where to start as there were too much to do and this was again taking me to cycle of thoughts and sleepless nights. Anagha's consultation has given relief and now my medication dose has reduced. Senior Management Professional

Good Morning.
My first cycle of medicine is over. 
Results - Very Nice . My sleep dream have gone in a way. Headache is still there this time - half head pain right side. Hair oil and cream results are good. Creative Artist

Anagha mala mage migraine cha khup tras hot hota ,mi khup frustrate zale hote, tu maz sagla shantpane eikun ghetlas mala remedies suchavlyas tyamule shant houn mi yogya decision gheu shakle
Khup khup dhanyawad🙏🙏🙏 School Teacher 

घरात भांडण वगैरे झाले की दुसर्‍या दिवशी थोडे डोके दुखते, पण राग डोक्यात गेल्यावर त्याचा त्रास होतो. गेल्या 4-5 वर्षापासून मला अंसीडीटी  चा खूप त्रास होत होता खूपच प्रयत्न करूनही काहीच उपयोग होत नवता मी फ्लॉवर रेमङी ची औषध अनघा कङून घेतली त्याचा मला खूपच फायदा झाला थॅंक्स अनघा.  
 Home Maker 

खूप छान अनघा आता माझे डोके दुखत नाही, खूपच सुंदर वाटत आहे 
डोकेदुखी म्हणजे मला तर मृत्यू ch समोर दिसत होता. थँक्स अनघा. 
Home Maker 

Remedies has worked well as I can see a difference in my confidence. I am able to focus on my tasks better. Will connect with you regarding next session.
M Tech Engineer

बंद जागा, हॉस्पिटलचे वातावरण, आजारपण ह्याची मला खूप भिती वाटायची. आम्ही दोघेच असतो त्यामुळे अचानक कुणाला काही होणार तर नाही ना अशी काळजी वाटायची. पण हे सर्व खूप लवकर कमी झाले. आता त्रास झाला तरी अगदी थोडा वेळ, पण होऊ नये म्हणून मी Rescue आणि personal mix कायम सोबत ठेवते म्हणजे लागले तर घेता येते. Thank u
Home Maker 

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